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increase height naturally

Tips to Increase Height Naturally

Height is very important factor in your personality. Most of people have short height because of their genetic factors. But if your parents have long height and you haven’t, then you can increase height naturally by adopting healthy life style.

First you will need to improve your sleep. Take warm water bath before sleep this will enhance the quality of your sleep.

Note that what you are eating. Try to eat healthy because it’s essential for your growth. Add veggies and fruits in your diet. Add vitamin D in your diet. You can get vitamin D from eggs, fish and mushrooms. Drink two to three glass of milk daily. It is full of calcium and makes your bones strong and helps to the overall growth of your body including height.

Take part in games. Do exercise regularly including yoga. You can also do hanging exercise, toe touch exercises, the super stretch and the swimming as well.

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Get Relief from Sore Feet

Get Relief from Sore Feet at Home

In now days feet pain is very common. A whole day heavy workout or constantly sitting for long hour stretches your body muscle. Your feet automatically swell due to muscle stretchiness and pain. It occurs on any part of feet including heel, sole ankle and arch. You can easily get relief from sore feet at home by using some beneficial tips, which are follows:

  • Take two container and fill one with hot water and one with cold water. Add Epsom salt or sea salt in both containers. Add four tablespoon of vinegar in containers. Place your foot in hot water for 20 minutes and then place your feet in cold water for more 10 minutes. Repeat this remedy when you feel swelling on your feet.
  • Clove oil has many benefits for health but mostly it helps in treating joint and athlete’s foot. Take some warm oil and massage your feet with clove oil. Repeat this remedy till you will not get positive result.

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tips to gain weight fast

Top 7 Easy Tips to Gain Weight Fast

Like weight loss some people wants to gain weight and look beautiful. This is just because those people have lean bodies and have no shape of their bodies. They try a lot of tricks but failed to gain weight. The following tips to gain weight fast will help you to get desire result:

  1. Eat more and more. Try to eat cheesy and fatty foods, because cheese is very helpful to gain weight.
  2. Don’t drink water before your meal, it fills your stomach and you will unable to get more calorie and will eat less.
  3. Try to use bigger plates for your meal.
  4. Drink coffee with sugar and cream.
  5. Add proteins and carbs in your diet instead of veggies and fruits. Protein helps to build muscle.
  6. Drink weight gainer shakes.
  7. Lift up a heavy weight and increase your stamina.

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healthy eyesight

Remedies for Healthy Eyesight

Healthy eyesight is the need of every person. Nobody wants to wear eyesight glasses. To keep your eyesight healthy you should follow some instructions:

If you are smoker then stop smoking because smoking damage your optic nerves and macular degeneration. Wear sunglasses when you go outside. Harmful rays of sun can damage your eye vision.

Avoid to use smartphone and computer screens for too long. It will promotes dry eyes, blurry vision, headache and eyestrain.

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Dry Cough

Get Relief from Dry Cough

Dry cough is caused by dry air and allergies. An irritation generates in throat which promotes cough. You may also feel pain in your lungs because of this. You can get rid of at home by using following tips.

  • Salt water: Boil a glass of water with one spoon of salt. Gargle with this lukewarm water several times in a day.
  • Hot Milk with Honey: Add some honey in milk and drink this before going to bed.
  • Turmeric: Add turmeric powder and black pepper in one glass of water and boil it. You can add cinnamon stick and honey for taste. Drink this in dry cough.
  • Lemon with Honey: You can also make natural syrup by adding two spoons of lemon and one spoon of honey. Use this natural syrup several time in a whole day.

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Tips to help you Snooze without Snoring

The vibration that are caused by turbulent airflow through narrow airways known as snoring. It may a sign of underlying medical problem. You getting rid from this issue by changing some habits of your life style. If you are over weighted then try to lose your weight, because overweight people mostly face this issue.

Try to sleep on your side rather than your back. When you sleep at your back it will make difficulty to breathe clearly. If you are smoker then quit smoking as soon as possible. Avoid alcohol because it relax your muscle of throat when you breathe throat muscle will collapse more rapidly which cause snoring.

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remove cellulite

Tips to Remove Cellulites from your Thighs

Thighs with cellulite makes you healthy and you look fat. When you eat excessive oily food the fat store in your thighs and buttocks. These cellulite make stretch marks on your skin and your body look shapeless. To get rid from these fatty cellulite you need exercise and healthy diet plan. Add vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Try to do exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes. Squats, jumping rope and climbing of stairs will help you to cut off these fats. Try to do lower body exercise.

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vaginal discharge

Remedies to Avoid Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhea)

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for treating leucorrhea. Mix equal amount of distilled water with apple cider vinegar. Use this mixture as vaginal wash for twice a day for few days. Banana has also ability to fight this problem. Eat two overripe banana to control this disease.

Make a drink by boiling lady finger in some water. Boil this for 20 minutes and let it cool. Drink this water regularly to stop this vaginal discharge. You can add sweeten for some taste. Wash your vaginal with guava leaves water. For this take some leaves of guava and boil in water for 30 minutes. Use this water regularly to get rid of this disease.

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tips to reduce your migraine

Tips to Reduce Migraine (Headache)

It happens from many reasons or many daily tensions. You feel tired and get irritated when you have migraine headache. You can follow the following tips to reduce your migraine.

  • Try to reduce your stress.
  • Massage your neck and head.
  • Eat and drink healthy.
  • Put hot water bag around your neck and warm up your neck. This will help you to get relief from this pain.
  • If you are unable to get relief from this pain by using these remedies then take a medicine.
  • Don’t skip meals during this pain.
  • Don’t add those food in your meal which promotes migraine.

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joints pain

Get Relief from Joint Pain

This may be happen in any age and there could be many reasons behind this. Weight gaining is major issue behind this. Firstly try to reduce your weight by eating healthy diet. Include right fatty acids in your diet. Get a massage.

More you should add turmeric in your meal. It helps to reduce your joints pain. Long warm shower also help you to get relief from this pain. After using all this remedies if you are unable to remove your pain then you can cope with medications for this purpose.

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