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Ab Zone Flex – Orange

The Ab Zone is an indispensable part of your home gym and essential part of your regular workout.Specifically designed burn stomach fat, this machine targets both the upper and lower abs and even zones in on the hard to reach obliques.Turn a traditional crunch into a 360 degree core workout. Boasting a wider range of motion so that it targets more of the core muscles compared to when you are on the floor and performing crunches and sit ups, the AB Zone Flex maximises your fitness programme for maximum re…

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Ab King Pro – Exercise Bench Fitness Machine – Grey

The Ab King Pro is a great product to help you lose weight and flatten your stomach. Get great abs the easy way for a fraction of the cost of gym membership.Are you tired of endless Gym sessions and tiring stomach workouts? Then, you need to give your abs and body the royal treatment, introducing Ab King Pro , one of the best and easiest ways to get incredible abs and a lean body. Ab king Pro  targets your upper, middle and lower abs all at the same time for efficient workout. You can flatten y…

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Exercise Ball – 100cm – Blue

It is composed in a manner that it focuses on your stomach and lower back to toughen your body and keep it solid.For a tougher, more stable upper body, use the gym ball to work your arms, chest, and shoulders. Moreover, it has been coupled with an air pump to fill it without any sort of exertive hassle before you start working out.

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Non-Slip Superfine Exercise Training Gym Gloves

Sports City Carries on its mission to provide Best quality Training and fitness gear and presents its range of Gym Gloves, these finger cut Multi purpose Gym Gloves can be used to protect your hands and skin during variety of jobs specifically Gym training, Heavyweight lifting, Cycling Fitness Exercise Wheel Chair use and many other jobs Thick Gel Padding Inside Provides necessary comfort and nonslip Grip and Very Durable Stretchable Spandex Fabric on Back and between the fingers which provides tight yet…

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benefits of dried plum

Benefits of Dried Plum

Category : Diet Plans , Diet Plans , Mens , Women

Dried plum seems delicious in eating and it also consumed in several dishes for taste. Dried plums are also referred as prunes and it is complete remedy for the digestive issues which you face in daily life.

According new research that scientists have revealed that plums have several benefits for health but it is consumed

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